About Us

Trusted Tablets

Trusted Tablets is a well-known and reliable US pharmacy which has been selling drugs online for over 12 years.

Following the results of 2016, Trusted Tablets is included in the TOP-10 according to the RNC PHARMA rating.

Choosing this pharmacy, you choose the real professionals in the pharmaceutical business, which is confirmed by the company’s high appraisal in the market. The company is a multiple prize-winner of the Open Contest of Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals “Platinum Ounce”, winner of many prestigious prizes and winner of various awards and diplomas: “Brand of the Year”, “People’s Brand” and others.

In 2016, Trusted Tablets became the winner in the category “Pharmacy of the Year (People’s Choice)” of the Second International Pharmaceutical Prize “Green Cross”.

The company is actively developing, has its own storage facilities which help to ensure the quality of the goods supplied.

Why Choose Trusted Tablets?

The online pharmacy has undeniable advantages:

  • A convenient and intuitive website;
  • A wide range of medicines – antiallergic, antibiotics, antidepressants, asthma, birth control, cardiovascular, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, men’s health, obesity, women’s health and etc;
  • High-quality goods, guaranteed by a quality control department, a modern warehouse complex and direct deliveries from the manufacturer;
  • Affordable and competitive prices;
  • A favorable discount program, which allows you to save on your medications;
  • Professional and responsible team;
  • Excellent customer support, which allows you to get timely advice without leaving home.

Quality control

Trusted Tablets closely monitors the quality of the medicines being sold. The pharmacy has its own quality control department, which takes a number of measures, excluding the possibility of entering counterfeit medicines and medicines of inadequate quality into the pharmacy. All the products, available on their website, are purchased either from large national distributors or by direct contracts with manufacturers, which significantly reduces the risk of poor quality products. Their department for quality control of medicines conducts full entrance control of all incoming goods to the pharmacy. Then, when drugs are delivered to the warehouse, the average sample is taken to the Center for Certification and Quality Control of Medicines for the registration of the drug. That is, the drugs undergo double and triple control. In addition to medicines, the quality control department of the company controls the quality of dietary supplements, hygiene products, and medical cosmetics.

Strict adherence to the Rules of certification of medicines and compliance with other normative documents guarantees the quality of all products offered to the buyer.


You will find all the necessary medicines on the website of Trusted Tablets. This company takes care of your health!