Trusted Tablets About Serving Up Diabetes

Trusted Tablets is a large, stable and actively developing company with modern business processes, focused on the development and well-being of its employees.

Our principle of work is a wide range and the most affordable prices.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of each customer in the medication for the treatment and prevention of diseases including serving up diabetes. We believe our assistance may help diabetics take their disease under control. Even if you only start observing the symptoms of this endocrine disease you are welcome to address our company who is serving up diabetes.

Our staff has composed for you a list of medications. These drugs may be prescribed by your physician with the purposes to treat, control or even prevent diabetes. Get acquainted with possible preparations for the treatment of the first type of diabetes:

Drug Class Trade Name Active Ingredient Release Form Mode of Application Pregnancy/Children
Sulphonylurea Glibenclamide Glyburide Tablets 2.5mg, 30 min before a meal Contraindicated
Glipizide Gliclazide 80mg Tablets 5mg before breakfast Pregnancy – contraindicated, children – not examined
Gliclazide Tablets 40mg, 30 min before a meal Pregnancy – contraindicated, children – not examined
Amaryl Glimepiride Tablets 1 pill 30-40 min before a meal Pregnancy – contraindicated, children – not examined
Repaglinide/Nateglinide NovoNorm Repaglinide Tablets 0.5mg before a meal Pregnancy – contraindicated, children – not examined
Biguanide Siofor Metformin 500, 850, 1000mg Tablets Pregnancy and children under 10 years old – contraindicated
Diaformin Metformin 500, 850, 1000mg Tablets Pregnancy and children under 10 years old – contraindicated
Glucophage Metformin 500, 1000mg Tablets 500mg during a meal Pregnancy and children under 10 years old – contraindicated
Combined Preparations Amaryl m Glimepiride – 2mg/Metformin – 500mg Tablets 1 pill once a day Contraindicated
Janumet Metformin (500-1000mg)/Sitagliptin (50mg) Tablets 1 pill once a day
Glibomet Glimepiride – 2.5mg/Metformin – 400mg Tablets 2 pills once a day
Insulin Sensitizer Pyoglar Pioglitazone 15, 30mg once Pregnancy and children under 18 years
Avandia Rosiglitazone 2, 4, 8mg 4mg regardless of food
Other Sugar Lowering Medications Victoza Liraglutide Solution 1 pill once a day Pregnancy and children under 18 years
Other Sugar Lowering Drugs Januvia Sitagliptin Tablets

Nutrition When Living With Diabetes

Insulin is required in order for sugar in the form of glucose to move through the blood flow into the cells, providing them with energy. Since people with type 1 diabetes and sometimes type 2 are insulin dependent, it is important for them to know the number of carbohydrates in all foods and drinks. The ability to count carbohydrates in food helps to calculate the dose of insulin, which must be entered using a syringe insulin delivery system or insulin pump.

What foods contain carbohydrates?

  • Starch foods: bread, cereals, crackers, rice, pasta and cereals;
  • Starchy vegetables: potatoes, peas, beans and corn;
  • Fruit and fruit juices;
  • Milk and yogurt;
  • Sweets: honey, table sugar, syrup, jelly, candy, sports drinks, cookies, cakes, pastries, ice cream and puddings.

Two methods for counting carbohydrates:

  • Bread units

The essence of this method consists in the pattern of food portions, each of which contains 10 g of carbohydrates. A portion containing 10 g of carbohydrates is called a bread unit (the names “starch unit”, “carbohydrate unit”, “substitute” are also found).

  • Carbohydrate counting

This system involves weighing products and calculating the number of carbohydrates in each portion. The main tools by which carbohydrate counting is performed are kitchen scales, labels on food packages, food calorie tables.

We hope this information collected by Trusted Tablets about how to serve diabetes up will help you cope with your endocrine disease. And we believe that the pricing policy of our pharmacy based on low prices and maximum satisfaction of customers’ demand will bring you benefits in the places of their residence.

Trusted Tablets_ Best Drug Provider for All Your Medical Needs

Customer-oriented pharmacy

Trusted Tablets is aimed at customers who value comfort and a homely atmosphere and who want to receive high-quality medicines at low prices. Technological operations in the store are maximally standardized, which allows reducing costs while maintaining high quality. Particular attention is paid to the quality of drugs.

The basis of any business is real people, company employees. They set the business mechanism in motion, create and develop the brand of the company, win in the growing competitive struggle for each client. Only a friendly team of professionals can cope with these difficult tasks. Our employees work with pleasure and have the appropriate qualifications. Our specialists are always ready to help navigate the diversity of brand-name and generic products, to provide quality advice. The personnel of the online pharmacy regularly undergo advanced training courses, as well as knowledge testing at internal training and seminars.

We constantly monitor new products that appear on the international market and try to ensure that all the latest developments are always available to the buyer. We understand how important it is to have the right medicine at the time, so we try to work individually with each client – to deliver the necessary medicines in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Operators of our call-center are always ready to provide information on the availability of medicines, to help with placing an order, to provide comprehensive answers to customers’ questions. The company has developed and successfully implemented the Quality Assurance System.

Our tasks

The main tasks of Trusted Tablets:

  1. to guarantee the proper quality of drugs and other goods permitted for sale;
  2. provide high-quality pharmaceutical activities;
  3. constantly improve the level of professional training of specialists.

In addition, the pharmacy cooperates with medical institutions that ensure the provision of high-quality medicinal care.

The head of the pharmacy has the most important qualities for successful activity and development of the enterprise.

Rich assortment

The wide range of medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, and health products provide the maximum opportunity to meet the needs of all our customers.

We sell both original and generic medication for various health conditions: alcoholism, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antiallergic, antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungals, antivirals, arthritis, asthma, birth control, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, eye care, gastrointestinal tract, HIV, hypertension, mental disorders, migraine, and others.

Here you can buy rare and specific drugs that require special storage conditions.

We guarantee the quality of all medicines and health products. We work with trusted distributors and drug suppliers. Having our own modern logistics center ensures proper storage conditions and prompt delivery of medicines to the customer.

Generic drugs: why are they so popular?

Generics are drugs with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. Such drugs that have the same active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drugs, but do not have patent protection. Generics go on sale after the expiration of the patent protection of original drugs. A necessary requirement for selling generics is proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original product. The price of generics is significantly lower, while they do not differ in efficacy and safety and are produced in strict accordance with established regulations and quality standards.

The use of generics is of great medical and social importance since it makes quality treatment accessible to the general population. For example, more than 60% of all prescribed drugs in the USA and Canada are generics.

Our bestsellers

  • Avana is a medication that will provide a steady and reliable erection during intimacy. The active substance of Avana is avanafil. It causes a number of chemical transformations in a man’s body. As a result, nitric oxide accumulates in the penis, relaxing smooth muscles. The blood flow increases, the cavernous bodies swell, and an erection occurs. The most important advantage is that these tablets can be combined with alcohol. We offer the lowest prices for Avana in the online market;
  • Generic Viagra is a medical drug indicated for men with erectile dysfunction. As a rule, these are tablets or capsules. You can improve erection by taking just one pill. The duration of action is up to five hours. The drug contains the active substance sildenafil, which produces a good therapeutic effect. Thus, taking one pill allows a man to have high-quality sexual intercourse for about five hours. He will return men to normal life and help to save the relationship. A huge advantage of this drug is accessibility. The price for Generic Viagra is much lower than for the original blue pills. The properties of the remedy in combination with its price made this generic one of the most popular means for improving potency;
  • Female Viagra will help every woman to make her intimate life full and quality. Many women complain to sex therapists that they have stopped experiencing orgasms and arousal. In moments of sexual intimacy, you women can successfully use this drug and get unforgettable pleasure. You can buy Female Viagra at Trusted Tablets and save a lot;
  • Generic Levitra is an effective drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Anyone who has experienced this can fix the problem with Levitra. The product is able to help men of all different age groups. The active ingredient of the drug is vardenafil. It is a fifth type inhibitor (phosphodiesterase). It improves blood circulation in the male genital area, as a result of which an erection becomes better;
  • Kamagra has long been considered one of the most effective and popular drugs to restore potency. It enables a man to have a full sex life. Kamagra is a great counterpart of popular Viagra due to the fact that its price is much lower, while the effect is not inferior;
  • Generic Cialis is a drug that is used to improve erection, treat sexual disorders. The product has a long-lasting effect – up to 36 hours – this is the time during which a man will be “ready” for sexual intercourse. Cialis is also recommended by most doctors for the treatment of severe impotence. When Cialis went on sale, it won a leading position immediately. The active substance Tadalafil begins to act 30 minutes after administration. The remedy does not accumulate in the blood, which allows you to take it a long time without reducing the effect and not be afraid of addiction;
  • Ventolin is an anti-asthma drug containing the active substance salbutamol, which selectively acts on the beta2-adrenoreceptors of the smooth muscles of the bronchi, relaxing them and improving the airway patency. Ventolin is used not only to treat the underlying disease of the respiratory system but also to prevent asthma attacks. Also, this drug effectively helps with bronchial asthma, which does not respond to therapy with other bronchodilating drugs. Ventolin is administered through the mouth during inhalation, the amount of the drug is controlled by the dispenser. A single dose of the drug contains 100 mcg of the active substance – salbutamol.

Benefits of ordering drugs at Trusted Tablets

  • The first obvious advantage of buying drugs at our online pharmacies is the ability to place an order at any time. You just need to have access to a personal computer, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection. Go to the website and choose the needed medications without regard for the mode of operation, breaks and weekends. You can use also the convenient search system. Compare prices, read descriptions, do not stand in a queue and do not spend time on the road to the pharmacy. Besides, we deliver medicines to any specified address;
  • The second advantage is the ability to buy drugs at lower prices. We cooperate with direct suppliers or manufacturers of medication. Such cooperation and the fact that we operate purely online allow us to avoid additional margins;
  • All medicines ordered on the website have certificates of quality. This completely protects our client from the possibility of acquiring counterfeit products from an unscrupulous supplier;
  • Moreover, Trusted Tablets offers rare and exclusive medicines that are not available in other pharmacies;
  • You can save even more by using coupon codes – unique discount codes. Such a code is entered into a special field of the order form when buying medicines. After activation, the discount will be added automatically, and the total order amount will be less.

We try to be better every day – we are looking for new ways to help our clients live a healthy and long life! We will be happy if you enjoy working with us! Our service allows us to meet the needs of our customers in the prompt and convenient ordering of necessary medicines at low prices. We hope that our work, knowledge and skills are not in vain and you will not be disappointed by using our online services and return to us again and again!

Customer reviews

Angela: «I am very glad that I found this wonderful pharmacy. This is the best online company with a professional team! They try to find the right approach to each client.»

George: «Excellent staff and top professionals! I would like to thank everyone employee of Trusted Tablets for the excellent work and high professionalism, sensitive and attentive attitude to customers and preserving the best traditions of pharmacy business.»

Brad: «Hello! I want to leave a review about this pharmacy. I’ve placed an order for Viagra 2 weeks ago. The manager was very competent and friendly. The delivery was prompt and the medication was effective. Thank you!»

Sue: «I’ve placed 4 or 5 orders on the site. I was looking for a pharmacy, which could deliver the medication at home. It’s easy to navigate the prices and compare analogs. I always opt for courier delivery and the drugs are always arrive on time. It is so convenient for me to order goods online!»

Thomas: «I like Trusted Tablets. The drug arrived very quickly 🙂 The employees are professional, delivery and payment options are diverse, the drugs are always high-quality. By the way, generic Levitra is as effective as its brand-name counterpart.»

Leila: «Thank you for affordable prices for asthma medications. I used to buy the necessary meds in a local pharmacy but my friend sent me a link to your website. The difference in prices does not reflect a difference in quality. I like that the store offers analogs, quickly process orders and deliver them in the shortest time. You’ve got a new regular customer!»

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