Wishes for Baby

September 17, 2012By 1 Comment

Now it’s real, I see your face, your fingers grasp tightly in your tiny fist.

Its right in front of me, every hope I have for you, every dream and every wish.


His sister has one, my mother raised three, and his mother raised two.

There are people around me who will know what to do.


But will I? Will I be enough, and know enough to be good enough?

How can I ever teach you how to avoid the storms when the water gets rough.


How can I shield you from heartache, and keep you from falling?

How will I ever let you go when your dreams come calling.


What if you follow in my path, the path that I’ve tried so hard to bury.

How can so much love for a little being bring so much worry?


Will your tiny pancreas make it through and fight the fight without giving in.

Will you survive all that life throws at you and come out on top again and again.


Will you be like your dad, patient and kind with not a dark cloud above you, happy and free.

Or will you be like me, restless and bold with your heart on your sleeve for all to see,


Will you have my hands, like I have my mothers, or your daddy’s eyes clear green like the New England sea,

My little Girl, get here safe and sound and I will promise to help you be all you can be.






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