Valentine’s Day Cookie Face-Off

February 13, 2012By 0 Comments

Well, the cookies won damn it!  As much as I want to blame my husband for having a sweet tooth and me wanting to do something nice by baking him sugar cookies, he sure didn’t tie my hands to the electric mixer and make me bake them or eat them!  I woke up this morning, in a bit of a rush and was just craving a tempting soft-pink frosted heart.  So I ate one, then two.  An hour later as I checked my BG before getting in the car, there it was, 235.  Why should I be surprised?  It was only 10:30, I could still regain control of my numbers today, and was not about to let those cookies win the entire days’ blood sugar battle.  Knowing that I would be on the road during lunch, and knowing that I usually would opt for a Dunkin Donuts egg and cheese sandwich for lunch or the deathly thick Panera french bread with high-fat meats stuffed in it, I decided to do better today.

I took a packet of no-sugar added Carnation Instant Breakfast and mixed it with 2 cups of skim milk in a plastic bottle, gave it a good shake and tucked it under my arm to free my hands for all the bags I had to carry out to my car.  Before going into my meeting at noon time, I slugged it down.  Here is the breakdown of what I had for lunch in this filling strawberry flavored liquid:

2 cups skim milk with 1 packet strawberry flavored no-sugar added carnation instant breakfast: 240 cals, 0g fat, 320 mg sodium, 38g carb, 3g fiber, 21g protein.

Alternative (not so great choice) would have been a half Asiago Roast Beef sandwich from Panera: 350 cals, 27g fat, 1330 mg sodium, 64g carb, 4g fiber, 49g protein.  While technically this meal may have a bit more fiber and protein, the amount of fat and carbs coming from the source  is not worth it!

Having diabetes means making sacrifices.  And if my husband wants sugar cookies, he knows he should eat them all as soon as possible before I have a weak moment.

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