This Week’s Bag: Drumroll please…’s a Fanny Pack!

March 28, 2012By 1 Comment

That’s right folks.  I’m kickin’ it old school!  Desperate times call for desperate measures and I don’t care who’s looking.  In an effort to get my blood sugars to near non-diabetic levels as I prepare my diabetes for pregnancy in the next year or so, I find myself needing my lifeline (juiceboxes) more now than ever.  Normally, before I would work-out, I felt the safest when my blood sugars were around 180 mg/dl.  This gave me just enough time to get a cardio workout in without plummeting into that drunkin stuper that we call a wicked low .  These days, I have been headed to the gym or headed out for a long walk with my blood sugar coasting nicely around 120 mg/dl.  During any other time of the day, this would be awesome, but the psychic in me can predict that this is a recipe for disaster.  I usually eat something small that has about 20 g of carb in it and a little bit of protein/fat to help sustain me during my workout, but unfortunately it doesn’t always stick long enough to get me back to my front door without jello-legs.  During the colder months (well, for this last winter anyways, I should call it mild, not cold) I would at least have on my fleece, which included many pockets to keep juice, tabs, a protein bar, my phone, my ipod, and my keys (I feel like a magician with a bag of tricks sometimes).  I like to go for walks outside whenever possible, as the sunshine always seems to lift my spirits no matter what mood I’m in.  I couldn’t run longer than a mile if you paid me, but I do consider myself a power-walking champion.  I try to go at least 3 miles but my blood sugars usually dictate how long my workout will be.  Sneaky little bastards have ruined so many attempts at burning calories, I lost count.

With the warmer weather now sneaking up on us out of no where, I have tried a few different ways to keep my BS in check while trying not to weigh down my sleek walking gear.   I have carried money instead of juice to stop at the convenience store that is on the way in case I go low, but the low always seems to hit either way before or way after I am anywhere near the store.  I have brought half a tube of glucose tabs only to run out with a mile still left in my walk.  I have tried to even eat more than normal before I leave for my walk, or drink a juice, but then I am left with having to pee so bad in the middle of my walk I wonder to myself if I should knock on someones door and if they wouldn’t think I was creepy!  Finally the other day it hit me:  Regina, you need to be more prepared then this, you know better!  It’s time to suck it up and give into the power of the fanny pack.  That’s right.  I did it.

My father was King of the fanny pack when I was first diagnosed.  Anywhere my family went, so did this GIANT Red fanny pack that my mom made my dad wear.  And being that it was the early 90’s, he fit right in without a second glance from anyone.  As long as my dad was close by, I could guarantee myself some peanut butter crackers, juice, lifesavers, or the white-square tart-tasting glucose tabs that were the rage before all the flavored versions became available (I actually liked those).  I knew that I couldn’t bring myself to buy and adorn my waist with an actual giant fanny pack (nor would I even know where to go look for one in the retail stores).  The other day, I sneakily walked into the sporting goods store, with my hat and sunglasses, and when the salesman asked me what he could help me find I just whistled a bit, and said “Um, I think I’m all set, just browsing”.   No, really, I’m joking, I didn’t have a hat and sunglasses on.  But I also didn’t exactly tell anyone I was looking for a fanny pack.  I went over to the runners section where they carry those silly weightlifting-like belts that have 10 water bottles attached to them (being a power-walker, this may make me look like a wanna-be runner, so I avoided those).  Instead I found the thinnest, sleakest looking fanny pack-like belt that was available and could still hold my necessities.  I purchased it and I was on my way.

There you go, I am bringing back the fanny pack folks.  So if you see me walking by, don’t hate, appreciate!  🙂

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  1. Veronica says:

    That was a great piece,Regina! You really bring things to a very “real” place.

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