The Home Stretch… You GO Girl!

February 12, 2013By 5 Comments

I just wanted to share with my readers, before I become a bit preoccupied with a newborn and I may be quiet on the blog front for a bit, that there is hope for all those stereotypes out there regarding Type 1 pregnancies. I am happy to say, and believe I can safely say, I have defied the odds of the typical Type 1 pregnancy.  I am now 38 weeks and 3 days along…my baby girl is pretty much full term!  My blood pressure has not strayed from normal even once, surprising even myself, as I was convinced I would end up with preeclampsia at some point during my pregnancy, because I had chronic high blood pressure prior to pregnancy.

I have been able to keep my A1c under 5.7 throughout the entire pregnancy, even with some insulin resistant spurts that really tested my basal rates.  My baby is 8.1 pounds, as of her last weigh in about a week ago, but to blame having diabetes on her size is really a stretch.  My husband is 6’4″ and we were both 9 pound babies.  So I can happily pat myself on the back and know that I have done ALL I could possibly do to give my baby the best chance possible, and keep myself in the best condition possible.
My OB is aware that I would very much like to try to avoid a c-section if at all possible (though I am not completely against it should I go to the 40 week mark), so I have been doing all kinds of things to try to get labor started on my own…to no avail just yet.  It is important for me, in particular (everyone is different) to try to give birth naturally (with an epidural of COURSE), so that I can have that special bonding moment with my new baby that a surgical room doesn’t always lend too.  I am also on a quest to keep my BG’s right in target, so should I go into labor at any moment, my little bambino won’t have a low blood sugar from compensating for my highs, which may require her to get a bottle, instead of being able to go right to breastfeeding, which is something else that is very important to me.

With all of this said, I just wanted to share this with those of you who have just started on your pregnancy journey and have a stirring anxiety lurking in your minds.  Do the best you can, that’s all you can do!  I wasn’t perfect throughout this entire pregnancy, but seeing the way I have been able to keep my blood pressure down and my A1c in check, and such, I know it is possible.  Now, I am also aware, it doesn’t matter if you are the perfect diabetic, that sometimes ‘it is what it is’ and certain obstacles can be unavoidable.  But don’t beat yourself up!
If I can give any advice, it’s that you should continue, even up till this point at the very end, to take care of YOU and your body.  I have kept up with walking 2 miles at least 3 days a week, when I feel up to it, and have not stopped drinking plenty of water each day.  I have tried to make time to rest my mind and not allow stressful situations to effect my blood sugars.  Again though, just to make sure you are aware that I’m not perfect, I have completely replaced at least one snack a day with a decadent dessert… compensating with insulin of course, but eating sweets like it was my last day on earth has sort of become an uncontrollable thing here at the end of my pregnancy that I have forgiven myself for.

It’s amazing how many people just don’t understand why I can’t just sit around, on my butt, all day, resting and eating and waiting for my baby to arrive.  If I did that, I fully believe my end result would have been different.  Keeping busy for me is more than just an OCD issue, it’s my life-line.
I am hopeful that the end result of my baby arriving here will be drama free… however, if she is anything like her mother, I’m sure she’ll try to push me to limit somehow!

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  1. suzanne neubauer says:

    You Go Girl!! I am proud of you! Suzanne

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Crossing that finish line must feel so great! You’ve done a fantastic job!

  3. Jenn Leblanc says:

    Way to go Regina! Don’t worry about how your baby comes out (VB vs CS) just that they come into this world healthy. I had a wondering bonding experience with a c-section, some things are just meant to be and nothing to do with the crazy life we live with diabetes. You’ve done a wonderful job and your little girl will thank you for it. A small (but very hard) sacrifice for the most important thing in the world, our babies, it worth it. I can’t wait to meet her. Thanks for inspiring your readers and taking us through the journey with you. The fun’s just beginning!

  4. Kristen Koneczny says:

    Can’t wait to for your daughter to be nuzzled in your arms! You were in my dreams the other night…I had a feeling your due date was close…enjoy it all. If anything remember every baby has a “thing” if she needs a few supplements of formula.. Be thankful that’s her biggest problem…you never know what the family in the next room is going through…count all the blessings!!

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