Taking New Patients: Do you need help?

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Over the last six months I have shifted my focus from just writing about diabetes management from a personal and professional perspective, to working on a way to really make an impact on those living with diabetes who want to find a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with their blood sugar control.  I often get messages from my readers with questions regarding their own nutritional intake as it relates to managing type 1, type 2, gestational or even pre-diabetes.  I hope that if you are someone seeking answers and are in need of a supportive and educational environment, that you will reach out to me.

I am here to help you incorporate every day life into your diabetes control.  I would never expect a miracle from my patients, and compliance only goes as far as your motivated to take it, however many doctors and dietitians who only go by the black and white rules of diabetes management have a hard time connecting with their patients and ensuring positive change.  We can work together to reach your health, wellness and diabetes goals.  Don't delay, contact me today!

I am available for consultation services for anyone with any type of diabetes who wants assistance with food and blood sugar management.  I can do Skype/facetime or phone consultations as well as in person if you live within a 30 mile radius of north of Boston.  Please contact me at regina@mymenumatch.com for fees and check out my specific services for individuals

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