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Back to Basics: Flirting with my CGMS again

August 2, 2013By 1 Comment

I think I’ve made it.   The sleep deprivation has slowly faded away ( on most nights anyways… until T starts teething I guess).   I can finally start to recognize myself in the mirror ( except for all my hair falling out from post pregnancy hormones).   Most importantly, I can finally start to […]

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Managing Early Morning Hypoglycemia

January 22, 2013By 1 Comment

 What would it be like to sleep through an entire night without needing to wake up even once?  I can only imagine how good that sleep must be.  When living with diabetes, not only do we often need to relieve our bladders multiple times in the middle of the night (either because we are drinking […]

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Pregnancy and Pumps

November 29, 2012By 2 Comments

Every now and then I think about what it would be like to be back on injections full-time.  These days, I have a severe case of ‘diabetes burn-out’ from the over abundance of finger pricks and insulin pump site changes that come along with being pregnant.  I have no option but to just push forward, and […]

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