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Fit 5 On Friday: 5 Lies that are unhealthy for your diabetes

September 12, 2014By 1 Comment

Yes, I am guilty.  If you think you truly are the perfect diabetic and have never told a diabetes related lie that hasn’t had some effect on you, your spouse, or an important event then well, hats off to you. Here are five lies that people with diabetes tell so seamlessly, and have been doing it […]

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Miscalculating Carbs

March 10, 2014By 1 Comment

  We’ve all done it.  Your stomach is grumbling as you patiently stand in line at maybe a Starbucks or Chipotle or any given grab-and-go shop.  You scan the food display case, the menu and the other diners’ plates as they walk by.  You decide on your meal of choice, estimate the carbs and take […]

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Pregnancy and Pumps

November 29, 2012By 2 Comments

Every now and then I think about what it would be like to be back on injections full-time.  These days, I have a severe case of ‘diabetes burn-out’ from the over abundance of finger pricks and insulin pump site changes that come along with being pregnant.  I have no option but to just push forward, and […]

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