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Wearing your Diabetes

August 6, 2014By 3 Comments

By now most of us in the diabetes community have heard, seen, or read about the beauty queen wearing her insulin pump during the swimsuit portion of her competition.  Newly crowned Miss Idaho’s Sierra Sandison probably didn’t think she would be part of the nightly celebrity news on E Online.  Not only did she get […]

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Why My Insulin Pump is a Blessing AND a Curse!

July 16, 2014By 5 Comments

I have been on the pump for a little over a decade now.  So much has changed with technology and all the intricacies of the pump have gotten smarter, smaller and supposedly are making our lives easier.  This is not always the case, there are many pro’s and con’s to pump wearing.  After having worked for […]

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Diabetes and Breastfeeding: The Reality!

April 2, 2013By 13 Comments

  Okay, for my regular readers who are not in the child-bearing stage in their lives, I apologize, as I am sure you are looking for my next informative blog regarding food and nutrition tips for blood sugar management.  Well, I promise I will get back to those types of blogs, but right now, as far […]

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Advocating for Your Diabetes During a Hospital Stay

March 20, 2013By 4 Comments

Given my recent experience from an in-patient perspective, I thought I would share my insights on how I would do things differently when advocating for my diabetes care during a routine hospital stay.  I haven’t been hospitalized since the day I was diagnosed, well over 22 years ago, this is obviously a good thing that I have […]

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Just Relax…and Drink your Juicebox

August 31, 2012By 0 Comments

Any women who has ever been pregnant will tell you that your body is no longer your own.  Even before the ‘bump’ makes its appearance, the life force that takes over your outer being starts to rear its ugly head.  I was lucky enough to slide through the first trimester with no nausea and only a few […]

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If life is a beach, how does diabetes fit in the cooler?

June 11, 2012By 1 Comment

It never fails, for whatever reason, that keeping my blood sugars under 200 while I’m at the beach is as much of a challenge as it is to keep remembering to reapply sunscreen.   It may be that as soon as the sun finds its way to the shiny plastic reservoir in my pump that it […]

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