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What Parents with Type 1 Diabetes Worry About

January 6, 2015By 1 Comment

Many people with Type 1 Diabetes, who are also juggling work-life-family, may say their number one worry is hypoglycemia. For me, while yes, the thought of passing out in front of my toddler, while home alone does lurk in the back of my mind on a daily basis, it actually runs a close second to […]

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Diabetes on the Job

March 17, 2014By 2 Comments

For all you non-diabetics out there, I have a task for you: next time you are getting ready to go into a meeting at work, or to present to a large crowd, or even maybe perform at a sporting event, etc., do the following first; Inhale all the helium from a balloon, spin around 10 […]

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In Honor Of

November 4, 2013By 0 Comments

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, in honor of all the huge leaps and bounds that technology has made this year alone in making our disease just a little less daunting and more hopeful, and for my little piece of heaven (Clara Barton Camp), I was inspired today enough to make me cry.  I was […]

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Managing Early Morning Hypoglycemia

January 22, 2013By 1 Comment

 What would it be like to sleep through an entire night without needing to wake up even once?  I can only imagine how good that sleep must be.  When living with diabetes, not only do we often need to relieve our bladders multiple times in the middle of the night (either because we are drinking […]

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