I am available for consultation services for anyone with any type of diabetes who wants assistance with food and blood sugar management.  I can do Skype/facetime or phone consultations as well as in person if you live within a 30 mile radius of north of Boston.  Please contact me at for fees and check out my specific services for individuals.


Over the years I have been able to share my knowledge and personal experience with diabetes to many different audiences.  Speaking and presenting on diabetes and nutrition is one of the most exciting things for me.  When people come up to me to tell me how much my stories or nutrition advice resonates with them, it is like they are giving me the best gift anyone could get.  I know that while I was young, and growing up with this disease, my mother sought all kinds of outlets for information and support and this made all the difference.  She used to go to support groups, read articles, and listen to people who came to the diabetes camp to speak to parents.  My goal is to continue to speak about diabetes  whenever I have the opportunity in order to try to inspire, motivate, and provide support for people living with diabetes.  Please contact me for any speaking engagements or writing opportunities

Below is a list of recent publications and speaking engagements that I have been involved in:

  • JDRF Northern New England Granite Gala Key Note Speaker 2010 and 2014 (click here to see 2014 speech)
  • MDA Fall Newsletter 2010 Infusing Proper Advice: Will an Insulin Pump Cause Weight Gain? 
  • MDA Spring 2012 Newsletter Fiber and Diabetes: A long lasting Friendship
  • Fitness Together Fall 2009 Online Newsletter Food and Insulin, let’s size up this relationship!
  • Guest Lecturer, Framingham State College Medical Nutrition Therapy class 2008-2013
  • Guest blogger for Glu and Joslin Diabetes Center
  • JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Symposium panelist June 2012 and presented on ‘Pregnancy and Nutrition’ March 2014
  • Contributed to Moira McCarthy Stanford’s widely popular book ‘Raising Teens with Diabetes’
  • Patient panelist and speaker at 2014 T1D Exchange Annual Meeting

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