Bolusing in Bermuda

May 5, 2012By 1 Comment

Palm trees, amazing food, and the friendliest people you will ever meet!! No, the Bermuda tourism board did not pay me to say that! My husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon here so much last year that we decided to return a second time and explore more of the island on our little rented moped.  Traveling with diabetes is difficult anywhere you go, but when your outside the US you have to consider things like: will there only be regular humulin insulin available at the pharmacy should my one vial of rapid acting break? Also, what are the odds I could find extra pump supplies if I made the missing reservoir mistake again? Then there’s the food, and worrying about how my blood sugar will react to the rich flavors.

Luckily, Bermuda is very much Americanized and there is little for me to worry about should a d-emeregency occur.  When packing for the trip, I settled on 3 bags; a floral clutch with lots of space for a fancy night, an over-the-shoulder boxy purse for walking and shopping, and my husband’s back-pack was my perfect diabetes supply companion while we were riding the moped.  I brought along 2 vials of insulin, a few syringes and plenty of pump supplies. As soon as we arrive at the hotel, we stock up on juice and snacks from the hotel store so that I can avoid a $30 midnight room service call for juice and food.

Overall, traveling with diabetes just takes a few extra steps, but it is so worth it when the island breeze takes any worries you have away.  In this picture below, I was sipping on a fruity island beverage while listening to the Calypso band in the background. I wiggled my hand over my dress to feel for my pump that was attached to my underwear (yup, that’s right, gotta get creative!) and as if I were psychic, I blindly press Act-Act-down arrow-Act…. I count to myself as I press the up arrow ” .1 .2 .3….”

My husband asks, ” How do you know if your doing it right?” When you’ve been doing it this long, nothing can stop you from enjoying a good time, and my diabetes can enjoy a vacation too.  I reply to his question, “Because it’s a part of me.”

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  1. Veronica says:

    You can NEVER take a vacation from this disease but it is so nice to hear that you can still have a great time with the right planning tools

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