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Diapers, Drop-offs, Dancing …and Diabetes

December 9, 2014By 3 Comments

 Any mother from any generation will probably say that they deserve an award.  We are all super-heroes in our own right.  However, as the generations have progressed, so have the pressures, expectations and consequences of being the perfect wife and mother.  Somewhere in between putting on my super-hero cape in the morning and changing my […]

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Should Newly Diagnosed T1Ds Be Taught the Exchange System?

December 1, 2014By 1 Comment

See Article and make comments on My Glu If you were diagnosed after the year 2000, you are probably saying, “Whooza whatza exchange system? Is that like foreign currency for diabetics?” Ha ha. Let’s go old school for a minute: does anyone remember this little scale that lived on our kitchen counter-top back in the day? […]

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Upcoming Massachusetts JDRF Events

November 25, 2014By 1 Comment

I wanted to use my blog space to promote some great networking and support opportunities through JDRF that are coming up soon.  As always, JDRF does a fantastic job recruiting families of children with T1D, but we need to do a better job at getting adults to come to our events.  Just because we’re grown […]

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If Diabetes were cured tomorrow…what would you do?

November 13, 2014By 2 Comments

I came across an old post on another diabetes related website where someone wrote that the first thing they would do if diabetes was cured is to eat two packs of double stuffed Oreos.  It got me thinking…what would I do if I were cured of this all-consuming, all-encompassing, all-exhausting chronic disease?  Here is my […]

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Fit 5 on Friday: 5 Ways to Support Project Blue November

October 31, 2014By 1 Comment

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, for anyone with ANY type of diabetes.  Project Blue November came about from some D-Moms  (mothers of young ones with T1D) who specifically wanted to bring awareness and attention to advocacy for T1D.  This is so awesome for so many reasons.  It’s this crazy tug of war that T1D’s are […]

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Have your pancakes and eat them too!

October 16, 2014By 0 Comments

Top 3 blood sugar grenades: 1) Bagels 2) Pizza 3) Pancakes. Heavy and saturated with white flour and fat… they are the big bullies of blood sugar bad guys.  This is only of course if you do not take the appropriate action with your insulin management when consuming one of these filling comfort foods.  Even […]

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Fit 5 On Friday: 5 Lies that are unhealthy for your diabetes

September 12, 2014By 1 Comment

Yes, I am guilty.  If you think you truly are the perfect diabetic and have never told a diabetes related lie that hasn’t had some effect on you, your spouse, or an important event then well, hats off to you. Here are five lies that people with diabetes tell so seamlessly, and have been doing it […]

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If you give a Diabetic a Cookie…

September 2, 2014By 0 Comments

For those of us who have read this book to our child over and over again…you will find this post humorous.  For those that have never heard of this book, then just sit back and enjoy my little parody… If you give a diabetic a cookie, she will look down at her pump to enter in […]

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A Cure on the Horizon?

August 20, 2014By 3 Comments

Call me a pessimist, a glass-half empty kind of girl.  Call me whatever you want, I just like to say I’m realistic.  I am a science minded person.  I follow research from reputable sources, including when I offer nutrition information.  I look to sources that are provided by highly respected organizations and agencies in our […]

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The Mysterious High Blood Sugar

August 18, 2014By 1 Comment

It creeps up on you out of no where.  You haven’t done a damn thing to deserve it… no missed boluses, no sneaking of the Mike and Ike’s just for kicks, and no sign of a stressful situation anywhere that could be cause for an instant spike in blood sugar.  It comes on with a […]

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