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June 20, 2012By 3 Comments

Note to guy at Starbucks:

Guy: “Is that a pager on your hip?  I only ask because my wife is a doctor and you rarely ever see pagers anymore”

Me: “No, it’s an insulin pump”

Guy: “oh, geez, I’m really sorry” (while he is making a face that looks like I told him I had 3 months to live)

Me: “Please, don’t  apologize, I wouldn’t wear it outside my clothes if I didn’t want people to ask about it”

Note to my husband:

Honey, I just came in from a walk in which I felt like I walked up Mt. Everest and making it to the doorstep before passing out was a feat of miracles.  A low hit me out of no where since I started the walk at 245.  I am now sitting on the stairs, I am 39.  The louder your voice gets, the less effective it is.  Thank you for handing me juice and reminding me to drink it, but stop yelling at me to go sit down on the couch or in the kitchen.  This is where I have landed and this is where I will stay until the giant beads of sweat have cleared from my vision.  I love you, and I appreciate that you are there for me, but my diabetes has no ears when I am that low.

Note to myself:

There are 35 grams of carb in only 11 Sour Patch Watermelon bites.  If you eat 20 of them you will indeed feel like complete crap in about an hour.  Stop over treating.

Note to my blog readers:

I will be changing my blog name soon and creating a bit more of a professional website for my diabetes and nutrition speaking/consulting work.  Stay tuned and stay informed!  I am hopeful I will be able to just keep this blog name and it will automatically take you to my new site and new name… but I have to talk to GoDaddy geeks first.

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  1. Betty says:

    I look forward to your new setup of your blog and everything to come. I’ve really come to enjoy what you post.

  2. Andy says:

    Right there with you Regina! A lady was standing in line behind us at the grocery store once and told me that my daughter seemed a little young for a cell phone. Currently, Emily is really terriffic about expaining her condition and telling her friends what the pump is. Hopefully she’ll learn some new skills at camp carefree this year!!! Love the blog!

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