Medical Disclaimer and Disclosure


Regina Shirley is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed in the State of Massachusetts.  She is not a Certified Diabetes Educator.  This blog will provide advice or an educated opinion on food as it relates to general nutrition as well as diabetes management.  Please always refer to your own personal diabetes educator, dietitian or endocrinologist for questions you may have on how these tips could affect YOUR diabetes control and before you make any changes to your diabetes care regimen.  Every body is different with diabetes, and we all have very different insulin and food needs. 

With that said, Regina admits to not always being the perfect diabetic.  Keeping that in mind, she hopes that by sharing personal experiences with you, that you can also learn what to do differently, particularly as it relates to food and diabetes.  Regina does not specialize in weight loss, food allergies, eating disorders, renal or cardiac diets, or sports nutrition.  Her background specializes in general nutrition and carbohydrate counting with some minimal experience in the above mentioned categories. Nutritional value of various food items or recipes are noted as accurately as possible and it will be specified if the nutritional values are an estimate.  Regina does not specifically endorse or recommend any products that may be mentioned in her blog, and will openly share if a product has been provided to her specifically for review.  Regina did work for an insulin pump company for five years, therefore she is certified on much of the pump and CGM technology that she will discuss.  She is currently an Ambassador for Medtronic but does not receive any monetary compensation for this volunteer role.  She may receive products for review and comment on them, in which case she will be clear when a product was provided to her for this purpose.  She is always open and honest in her personal and professional opinions about products and takes pride in complying with the dietitian code of ethics.

Specific Disclosure Pledge for RD’s:

What are the RDs4Disclosure Guiding Principles?

The following represents the four basic guidelines that RDs4Disclosure recommend the registered dietitian adopt to establish an internal and public disclosure policy to guide her/his individual communication efforts.

1. You pledge to be honest and transparent about the affiliations, employment, financial or material relationships that influence or appear to influence your media outreach – including blog posts, social media channels and traditional media outlets. (Financial and material relationships should be considered any and all compensation, reimbursement, in-kind donations or free gifts/products/services that influence or appear to influence your media outreach.)

2. You pledge to the best of your ability to make your disclosure clear and prominent in your media outreach – including within your blog posts, through social media channels and on-air or in-print through traditional media outlets.

3. You pledge to provide an up-to-date, clear and prominent Disclosure page or statement on your website, blog or social media profiles that discloses affiliations and financial relationships that influence or appear to influence your media outreach. (Note: “Prominent” pages or statements are those that are specifically labeled as “Disclosure” and easily accessed from the home page. Pages that are buried multi-level deep within the site or are not labeled as “Disclosure” and easily locatable from the home page do not meet these guidelines.)

4. You acknowledge that by posting the RDs4Disclosure badge, you are adopting a peer-enacted set of guidelines intended to provide consumers an accurate depiction of direct or indirect advertising that may otherwise affect their purchasing decisions.