Last Week’s Bag: Plane tickets and missing reservoirs…

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Among all the things there are to remember when you are a busy person like me, remembering to take your diabetes with you when you travel should be a no-brainer.  However, even the most on-point diabetics can have forgetful days.  I was in Florida all last week for a work conference.  Days before I leave for any trip, I start packing… Hair straightner – check; Phone charger – check, test strips and insulin-check, extra pump supplies…. oops.  What?  Oops?  Who forgets that?  Not me.  Apparently these days I am paying so much extra special attention to my diabetes (in anticipation of wanting to try for a baby in the coming year) that I am missing what’s right in front of me!  This happens, and we just have to deal.  On the second day of my trip, when my reservoir needed to be changed, I pulled out my medical supplies to find NO reservoir at all, but 5 infusion sets.  Well, a lot of good that will do me.  So, I looked in my trusty old purse and of course I find a crumpled up reservoir in the inside pocket.  I drew up as much insulin as I could fit past the 1.8 ml line, and then did not discard the plunger or blue cap in case of an emergency.  (Note:  I do NOT recommend ever re-using a reservoir, as the lubrication around the black ring can dry up and the pump motor may not be able to push it through) however, in a jam, it can be done.  And of course, I had a couple of syringes on me as I always do.  So, for the most part, I was good to go.

Being a diabetic and traveling is stressful enough, but when you know you may only have a few units of insulin or just a few test strips left, or no pump supplies, every moment of your trip can be completely ruined.  I normally always keep a checklist on my desk the week before my trip so that I can go down the list of necessities to assure I don’t forget anything.  But, as I said, on occasion it happens!!  On a side note, the day I got home, I went to the gym and completely forgot my pump on my bathroom counter.  Maybe I need to get my head checked!

Trying to fit in healthy eating and exercise when you are at the mercy of hotel food and a hectic conference schedule is extremely tough.  Having a CGM can make all the difference.  Always keep in mind that you may be sitting for great lengths of time and that putting on a temp basal of 110-120% may be beneficial.

On my trip during breaks, there were always snacks… pretzels and cheese or trail mix?  Hmmmm… well, trail mix is not always the best choice, contrary to popular belief.  The M&M’s are high in fat, and the dried cranberries or raisins, while still a fruit, are naturally high in- sugar.  Nuts are always a healthy choice, but over-indulge in them and your canceling out the benefits.  If you can choose which ingredients you want in your little trail mix snack, I would definitely choose about 1/2 a cup of almonds or other healthy nuts (about 15), with maybe just a few chocolate chips thrown in there to satisfy your taste buds 🙂  As for the endless lunch and dinner buffets that are often center stage at these long conferences, I just stick to one rule: healthy proteins and whole grains, whenever possible.  At breakfast, I stuck with the egg and veggie fritata and a link of turkey sausage with a side of fresh fruit and stayed away from the breakfast potatoes, french toast and pancakes (pancakes are like sudden death for diabetics… and I don’t even trust sugar-free syrup, as I almost always go high after eating it).   For lunch and dinner, same thing; chicken, fish, or even steak for a treat, and no need for a dinner roll, why bother.  If I’m gonna eat 30-45 grams of carb at a fun work conference I would rather enjoy it in the form of a mixed drink or a fun dessert.  It’s all about choosing what fits the moment!  This was not a week to try to be a super hero or the health food police, so I allowed myself to splurge a little.  I kept a close eye on my blood sugars and over-all they turned out pretty good most of the week.  I was reminded why I often try to bring my own juice or glucose tabs to the hotel room when I woke up with a wicked low one of the nights (thanks to those lovely mixed drinks which I rarely consume) I was stuck paying 5 bucks because I had to break into the mini bar and down two mini oj’s!

Next trip… I think my check-list needs a check-list!

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