If you give a Diabetic a Cookie…

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200px-If_you_Give_a_Mouse_a_CookieFor those of us who have read this book to our child over and over again…you will find this post humorous.  For those that have never heard of this book, then just sit back and enjoy my little parody…

If you give a diabetic a cookie, she will look down at her pump to enter in the carbs to take a bolus.

While looking down at her pump screen, she will see that her shoes are dirty and decide to wash them.

Scrubbing the spot off her shoes will remind her that she never got the blood stain out of the bottom of her purse from all those used test strips and she will go and empty her purse.

While emptying her purse she will find a tube of glucose tablets and realize that at that moment, she feels low (and that she probably counted her carbs wrong for the cookie).

While eating the glucose tablets she will remember that she should probably check her blood sugar first to see how low she is.

While checking her blood sugar she will decide it’s that time of year again to change her lancet.

While searching for a new lancet she will find old log books from when she used to be good about keeping track of her blood sugars.  This will inspire her to upload her pump to her fancy pump/meter software.

While on the computer and getting ready to upload her pump, she will realize she never put her pump back on after having cleaned the screen and she will feel high.

She will change her lancet, check her blood sugar, see that she is high, take insulin again… and curse the damn cookie that started it all!

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