If Diabetes were cured tomorrow…what would you do?

November 13, 2014By 2 Comments

images1234I came across an old post on another diabetes related website where someone wrote that the first thing they would do if diabetes was cured is to eat two packs of double stuffed Oreos.  It got me thinking…what would I do if I were cured of this all-consuming, all-encompassing, all-exhausting chronic disease?  Here is my ‘TOP 10’ of what I would do right after I AM cured of this annoying shadow called diabetes that follows me around 24/7.  What would you do?

  1. Make my house, my closet, my car (if it’s even possible to get worse) a complete mess and not clean it up.  I say this because diabetes has given me such issues with control and OCD, due to the fact that I can’t always control my blood sugars so I feel the need to control all the other things around my environment.  I will blog about this topic in more detail soon.  But how great would it be to just LET GO.  Not care about controlling blood sugars or anything else.
  2. I would let my daughter finger-paint my insulin pump and I would frame it to remind me how I survived the last decade or so and that I CAN survive anything.
  3. I would tie all my extra infusion set tubing together and at the end of it I would attach all the juice boxes left in my house and sink all of it at the bottom of the ocean.
  4. I would purposely go to the grocery store and blindfold myself and go up and down the isles putting random food items in my cart without thinking about it.
  5. I would go to a Chinese Food restaurant, order lot’s of sugary Hurricanes and Mai Thais and gorge at the buffet without doing an inkling of math in my head.
  6. I would work out until my heart is content, really get a good cardio workout in…and NEVER have to worry about the consequences of a low blood sugar.
  7. I would spend a day or a week at a spa getting all the scar tissue on my body rubbed or treated so that my skin was silky smooth and all the bumps, lumps and discoloration from CGM and pump tape would be gone.
  8. I would go on a trip, any trip, a long drive or a plane ride…with nothing but the clothes on my back.  To never have to think about all the things I need to bring with my diabetes would be the biggest weight off my shoulders.
  9. I would celebrate with my daughter and husband by going out for an ice cream or some cake…knowing this disease will NEVER dig its teeth into my child.
  10. I would find another cause that means as much as diabetes advocacy does and put my heart and soul into that.  Once an advocate always and advocate.

It’s funny, not all the things I would want to do are related to food as much as they are related to freedom.  Those of us that live every day with this disease cannot even express in words how much having the burden of this constant pain in the ass of an illness lifted off of our shoulder would mean.

Happy World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14th).  Keep the hope alive!!


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  1. Diabetic mummy says:

    Love it, Regina! I was thinking about this the other day but funnily, only had food on my mind! Might have been following my return from the local French patisserie. As someone who loves their food, I’m not surprised I’ve only thought of the food advantages.

    Having said that I completely agree that getting rid of my OCD would be amazing. Even reading about you making your room & car messy is making me feel uneasy. Yes, it would be really weird leading such a recklessly messy life.

    Having recently become a mum, I often worry about my son and what if one day he becomes a diabetic. I often think this when I change his nappies – is he weeing too much, has he lost weight…Knowing he will never get diabetes will truly be the best thing ever. I suppose even better than stuffing my face with chocolate eclairs from the local patisserie.

    Finally, travel, yes, imagine the joys of spontaneous and/or surprise trips without a packing list…just the clothes you have on? This is also sending me into a bit of an OCD panic already – you mean just go without having everything under the sun I could possibly need, most of which I never end up using.

    Finally, I’d think about having a second child without the worries, blood glucose craziness and hospital appointments, I went through with my son.

    Who knows…maybe one day and we can all go into a wanton carb eating and sugary cocktail frenzy when that day comes.

    For now time to pack some snacks for the hypos when I breastfeed later on tonight…

    • Regina says:

      You are spot on!! It’s nice to have hopes isn’t it 🙂 Oh and know that you aren’t the only one that worries about diabetes effecting your baby… I kept ketone strips in my daughters diaper pale for the first year and would always put one in her diaper when she had the flu! We are all a little nuts, us diabetic mommies! Keep up the good work!

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