Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

March 14, 2012By 1 Comment

Today is Registered Dietitian Day and March also happens to be National Nutrition Month!

Take a step back and determine where you are getting your nutrition information from.   Be cautious that many professionals, such as personal trainers, tend to go overboard with their nutrition advice.  Many of these people have taken classes or received a certification to allow them to give this advice, but for the most part they specifically specialize in weight loss and lean muscle mass gain through proper nutrition, and not diabetes management.  A Registered Dietitian is someone who has taken a 4-5 year intensive college curriculum designed around the science and practical application of food and nutrition, along with a lengthy internship.   Did you know that most doctors’ only get a two-week cram session on nutrition during medical school?  My advice for those with diabetes is to listen to your Certified Diabetes Educator or your Registered Dietitian.   Also, try to choose reputable media sources as well, such as www.eatright.org or www.choosemyplate.gov (USDA site).

Update on Fiber:  As I mentioned in my post ’25 in 25’, I have started keeping track of my fiber intake in an effort to consume 25 grams of fiber per day for 25 days straight.  Well, as it turns out, it is much harder than one would think, especially on the weekends!  I have learned how to be much more conscious of substituting certain foods for higher fiber items, as well as trying to increase my consumption and portion sizes of fruits and fiber-full veggies and my blood sugars have definitely seen the benefits.  I am very excited to share the list of foods that have helped me get to my fiber intake goals, and I will be compiling the first 14 days of this challenge in next week’s post, so check back!!

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  1. PJ Whtiney says:

    Hey, good stuff, Regina! I’m enjoying your blog!! 🙂

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