Happy Mother’s Day to all you T1D Mom’s!!

May 10, 2014By 2 Comments

images90I thought it might be fun to put together a list of how those of us living with T1D are able to manage the juggling act of the daunting daily task of diabetes following us around all while a toddler/baby or young child is right behind it in tow.  Here are just a few ways we mom’s with T1D ( or mom’s of kids with T1D) are complete rock stars on a daily basis and why we all deserve an exotic vacation.

Ellen DeGeneres… are you reading?

  • Wake up in the morning, and try to fit in not only a pee break and a second to get our bearings, but we then need to make sure we check our blood sugar before going in to get the crazy little person out from underneath their stuffed animals that they’ve been talking to for the last hour.
  • Drink that juicebox that has 30 grams of sugar in it to bring us up from a low, but sneakily leaving just a few sips for the curious little mouth that is angrily pointing at your said life-line and grunting…give it to her and she thinks she just won a trip to Disney.
  • Eat all meals WITH your child so that they can begin to learn good eating habits and know that mommy and daddy eat meals sitting down too (try to keep the fridge-door-wide-open binges away from those little eyes).  Not only does this help little girls especially learn about healthy eating and healthy body image, but it also reminds mom to EAT.  Something that we so often forget to do these days.  Oh, and before wiping up any messes…. BOLUS.  Of course, why would we forget to do that?
  • Have a DANCE PARTY immediately following lunch and dinner.  Not only will this distract the restless beast that has devoured their food faster than you can put it on their tray, it will help with your post-meal spikes and its great exercise!  In our house you can’t go wrong with a Katy Perry, Pink or Lady Gaga tune to really break-loose on the kitchen tile.
  • Give yourself a minute or two to regroup.  Give dad watch-duty and head out the door for some shop therapy.  This is important for every mom, diabetes or not, but it helps to decompress and distress… as stress is a huge factor in irritating high blood sugars that just can’t seem to come down.
  • Don’t EVER feel guilty about doing anything for just yourself for no good reason.  If you’ve dropped the little one off at school or daycare and then you spend the next hour sitting outside a coffee shop people watching…that is awesome for your soul and your diabetes.  You diabetes needs R&R.

In order to really pull off being an amazing rock star super-mom with T1D, you really don’t have to do too much besides what you are supposed to do anyways…take care of YOU!  How much fun is it for our little ones when we are spaced out, zonked of energy, or totally in our own way because of diabetes mismanagement?  Little kids pick up on everything, they are really smart little buggers, and they know when something is up.  While you can’t always be perfect, and sometimes either being a mom has to trump your diabetes or vice versa, it’s better for everyone involved if you treat your diabetes like a second child…. Who you obviously don’t want to get hurt because of lack of care and attention.

So go on with your bad self and tell your husband or significant other that you need two gifts this mother’s day: one for you and one for your kick-ass diabetes managing self.

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  1. Elizabeth Shapiro says:

    Treating T1D as a second child… Good analogy! And yes, you DO deserve a great mother’s day!! Have a beautiful one!!

  2. Christine says:

    oh my goodness….finally someone who knows what my life is like 🙂 thanks for making me smile and energizing my soul.

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