Going to the Grocery Store with Diabetes: The Produce Aisle

February 2, 2016By 0 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous entry, attacking the perimeter of the grocery store first is key to making healthy food choices. The perimeter of the store is where the fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat, and dairy products are typically located.

Let’s start by going down the produce aisle. When it comes to diabetes management, we have all been told at least a hundred times how important fibrous vegetables and fruits are for healthy meal planning. But what if you don’t quite understand organic versus conventional? What if budget is a major factor for you and the growing cost of produce is just too much to bare when cooking for a family of five, let’s say. What if you’re confused by the health trends that target just one type of vegetable or fruit as the source of all vitality? What if you truly can’t stand vegetables?

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