Going to the Grocery Store with Diabetes: The Dairy Aisle — Eggs, Milk, and Snacks

February 26, 2016By 0 Comments

Today I’ll continue with my advice on navigating the dairy aisle. Given that this aisle is typically in fact a whole corner of the store, I wanted to make sure I addressed all the most important questions you may ask yourself when choosing foods in this section.

As the slogan goes, “The incredible, edible egg”! Don’t shy away from the eggs because you’re afraid of increasing your cholesterol or because you are confused by phrases like “cage free.” The authors of the new 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans have removed the restriction on daily cholesterol intake. (And furthermore, research has shown that eggs do not contain as much cholesterol as once thought.) An egg a day — yes, including the yolk — is a great source of protein and is jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals…. click here to keep reading.

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