Fit 5 on Friday: Effects of Fruit for People with Diabetes

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00138979_TIs fruit healthy?  Sure is!  There is a rainbow of vitamins and minerals in many different types of fruits that are important for wound healing, immune function, healthy skin, and digestive health just to name a few benefits.  However, not all fruits are created equal, and some have faster acting sugars (namely those that are lower in fiber and higher on the glycemic index chart) that can give our blood sugars a quick spike that often needs to be accounted for with insulin.  Many fast-acting sugars in fruits such as grapes (a medium GI food), are great for treating lows, but then there are some of the higher fiber contents in lower glycemic fruits that can make the sugar spike linger a bit longer and may not treat a low as quickly (i.e. bananas).  Keep in mind, that when not treating a low with fruit, insulin is a must so make sure to estimate your carb content depending on the size of the fruit you are consuming.  Many times it is a process of trial and error until you know how fruit truly effects your blood sugar. 

*The Glycemic index is a list that ranks foods from 0-100 depending on the rate at which they raise blood glucose.  High GI foods break down quickly, causing a faster blood sugar spike.

Here is a list of the top 5 low-glycemic (high-fiber) fruits and the top 5 high-glycemic (lower in fiber and higher in natural sugars) and their carb contents:

Top Low GI Fruits (carbs per serving size of 100g) *serving size varies depending on size of fruit

  1. Apple 12-16g
  2. Cherries 10-12g
  3. Pear 10-15g
  4. Plum 9-12g
  5. Peach 7-15g

Top High GI Fruits

  1. Banana 20-30g
  2. Mango 14-16g
  3. Pineapple 10-20g
  4. Watermelon 7-10g
  5. Raisins 40-70g!

Moral of the story?  Go ahead and enjoy the benefits of all the yummy summer fruits that are in season right now, but keep in mind if you are getting more fiber or more natural sugars in each serving and how your blood sugar comes into play!  Enjoy!

*Glycemic index info from


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