Fit 5 On Friday: Blood Sugar Pitfalls During a Holiday Weekend

May 24, 2013By 2 Comments

858-number-5_1696_generalIt’s that time of year again, weekends that wonderfully drag on through Tuesday and long cookouts with friends where the food also seems to drag on and on and on.  I thought it would be important to remind those of us with just a little extra something to think about, where the major pitfalls are during these summer holiday weekends and how to try to avoid at least a handful of them to keep our bloodsugars on a good path.  Check out a few of my blogs from last summer for more detailed information.

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  1. Startchy Vegetables:  Remember when us old-school diabetics were taught that not all veggies were a ‘free’ food?  Remember that lots of yummy summer veggies still pack a higher glycemic index, so be mindful to bolus for such foods as: Corn on the cob, potatoes, carrots (think carrots and dip in large quantities), beets, and summer squash.
  2. Appetizers:  At some parties, appetizers are often more of the main focus then the meal itself.  Keep tabs on what your consuming and aim for more of the protein based appies such as cheese and maybe try some turkey peperoni instead of the regular kind.  Stick with the veggies and dip like celery and cucumbers, and avoid going back to the chip bowl more than a few times.  If there are some pigs in a blanket calling your name, have a couple, take a bolus, and call it a day!  But, if you really feel like treating yourself and grazing all day, make sure to put on a temp basal to cover the lingering effect of all those slowly consumed carbs. *And don’t forget, a bunless burger or hotdog never got anyone arrested, you can still enjoy it just the same and save yourself more room for dessert!
  3. Hidden Ingredients: I am always reminded to check with the host to see if there might be any hidden sugars in the delicious homemade feast in front of me.  Often times, some people like to add a little sugar to a salad dressing or to grilled veggies to help them brown.  Other times that delicious burger your biting into may also have been mixed with a cup of ketchup or some other condiment that may need to be accounted for.  So don’t be shy, ask the host if there are any special ingredients so that you can make sure to take insulin for it.
  4. If you like Pina Coladas…I am always amazed at how many people are not aware of the calories and sugar in so many enjoyable alcoholic beverages.  The average Margarita packs over 500 calories! Let alone the gobs of simple syrup that will kill your blood sugar and your fun for the rest of the day.  Here is a list, adapted from WebMD of some lower calorie and lower carb mixers to think about using with your beverage of choice (*Also, agave nectar is a simple lower glycemic index syrup that can be used in Margarita’s for a reduced sugar content):
  • Diet soda or diet tonic: 0 calories
  • Orange juice (6 oz): 84 calories
  • Cranberry juice cocktail (8 oz): 136 calories
  • Light orange juice (8 oz): 50 calories
  • Light cranberry juice (8 oz): 40 calories
  • Light lemonade (8 oz): 5 calories
  • Coffee, tea: 0 calories
  • Baja Bob’s sugar-free margarita or sweet ‘n’ sour mix: 0 calories
  • Lemon or lime juice (1/2 oz): 10 calories
  • DaVinci or Torani’s sugar-free syrups: 0

5.  Extra Supplies! You don’t want to get caught at a fun party with 15 units left in your reservoir, a site that’s about to fall off, and 2 test strips left in your meter case.  Think ahead, and make sure you are prepared to have fun!!! Diabetes should NOT hold you back this Memorial Day Weekend!


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  1. elizabeth shapiro says:

    Great tips on how to provide a delicious, fun, and BALANCED cookout this summer! I enjoy reading all of your suggestions!

  2. Veronica says:

    Great article ,Regina.You always manage to really make me think about my food choices.

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