Fit 5 on Friday: 5 reasons to STOP and focus on your diabetes

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Its been one of those days… Actually it’s been one if those weeks.  I’m actually typing this on my iPhone because my computer is buried under a pile if paperwork and laundry.   Here are 5 things I’ve neglected about my diabetes this week and I hope you can learn from them.  The solutions to these issues are simple, but by not taking a few minutes to take care of them, the consequences can be quite serious.  So, here they are, and yes I’ve slapped myself on the wrist a few times.

  1. I was so tired the other afternoon that I treated what i thought were symptoms of a low but turned out to be a wicked high.  Rookie move, this is diabetes 101… Always confirm symptoms with a blood sugar check.  
  2. I ignored a low battery warning too long and ended up with a  pump screen blackout while sitting in traffic.  Good news… I ALWAYS keep an extra AAA battery on me.
  3. I kept the sane infusion set in and only changed my reservoir because I was rushing.  The result? A very sore hip and again shame on me, rookie move.   Always change both reservoir and infusion set at the same time To avoid risk of infection.
  4. I drank a flavored iced coffee from the local coffee joint and forgot to bolus.  Flavored coffee often equals flavored syrup.  Duh.
  5. I obviously need to slow down and focus… Im not much of a fun and useful mom if I’m letting my diabetes get away from me!

I hope these are some simple reminders for everyone! Put your health first!!


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