Diabetes and Cats: A Purrrfect Connection

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Yes I am cross-eyed and yes that is pump tubing I'm playing with

Yes I am cross-eyed and yes that is pump tubing I’m playing with

Now, some may ask the question, “What is it with people and their cats?”  I will answer that question and take it one step further, and tell you what it is with people with diabetes and their cats! Last week, while exploring the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) through Diabetes Blog Week, I noticed a trend: there are a lot of diabetics that are very fond of their cats.  So much so, that many of the bloggers I clicked on had pictures of their cats right on their home page!  Read on, this gets interesting.

Shadow, Daisy and Milo

Shadow, Daisy and Milo

As soon as I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment my sophomore year at college, I finally was able to get the cat(s) I always wanted!  Since then, I have loved and lost a couple of furry friends, and now I reside in my women-cave at home with my three indoor fur-balls.  I call it my women-cave because our house has a finished basement in which my office and my cats reside in to keep them away from my husband who only pretends to give them love when I am traveling (although I know he secretly likes it when they curl up on his lap).  Luckily, it is a large space, and my cats and I are very comfortable being alone down there keeping the grumpy humans away.

Here is a list of the commonalities between people with diabetes and cats:

  • Independent
  • Defiant
  • Particular
  • Obsessed with routines
  • 2 moods: sleepy or anxious
  • Friendly yet guarded
  • Protective
  • Not afraid of needles (I don’t know a cat that has ever flinched at a routine vaccination)
  • Can get sick easily
  • Struggle with weight
  • Hungry all the time
  • Hair falls out
  • Has 9 lives
  • People don’t like cats because they are unpredictable.  Diabetes is pretty unpredictable and we don’t like it either.
  • Constantly chasing the same things over and over again (mouse or blood sugar)
  • Just trying to make it to the next year
  • Great friends and very loveable

My cats have been there for me through low blood sugars and highs, through tears and through happiness.  And while this is not to knock down dogs, as they are just as amazing if not more in some people’s eyes, my cats are more special to me then I can explain to any haters out there.  Only people who are “cat people” truly get it.  For the many nights in my life when I have sat on my couch watching TV and waited for my low to come up, Daisy (my part Siamese) will lick me and sit on my lap, purr like crazy to keep me alert and wait for me to feel better.  She has been doing this for 9 years.  She can sense my lows (I swear it), and even if it’s just because she can sense the salt in my sweat or my blood pressure dropping, she knows it, and she doesn’t leave my side.  Cats don’t expect you to be there for them, they only want to be there for you.  It’s that simple and that is why they are fantastic.

Love to all my cat people out there… you get it

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