D-Blog Week: Find a Friend…that thinks like a Pancreas

May 14, 2012By 2 Comments

I am very excited to participate in my very first annual diabetes blogging week.  I have recently learned that this is the week of all weeks for diabetes bloggers and readers to unite, be inspired and inspire.  I am only a few months into my rookie blogging, and slowly but surely I am learning my way around the blogging world and the DOC.  As far as finding new diabetes blogs, I am going to use this week to explore the dozens (or hundreds) of diabetes blogs that have signed up for this blogging week that I never knew existed.   As for sharing blogs that are my favorites with readers, I have only really checked out a few.  I need to spend more effort at reading sometimes rather than writing (but that is like me to get ahead of myself and to do my research later).

Instead, I thought I would share the 2 blogs that inspired me to keep on keepin’ on as far as daily diabetes duties goes.  Many of you are very familiar with the blog/resource SixUnitlMe, and for those that aren’t, this is a must-read blog for anyone in need of inspiration.  The author, Kerri Morrone Sparling, was a fellow camper with me at Clara Barton Camp.  Over the last few years, as I have gotten closer and closer to being ready to start a family, I have looked to her blog for ‘pep talks’ on pregnancy, and overall encouragement that I too could have a healthy baby someday when I was ready (often her mix of dry humor and heartfelt inner thoughts would bring me to tears… happy tears).

The other inspirational blog belongs to the mother of a camper from Clara Barton that I have known on and off through the inner circle of diabetics in Massachusetts.  Moira McCarthy has to be one of the most passionate and determined mom’s to a child (actually a grown up woman now) with diabetes that I have ever seen.  On her blog/website Despite Diabetes, not only does she advocate for diabetes from a legislative standpoint, she also shares her daily process of being a mom who is strong and realistic as she watches her daughter grow into her own as an independent diabetic.

The best thing about both of these amazing women is that they are real people.  They don’t just blog diabetes diabetes diabetes in every word and every post, they insert humor, sensitivity, and daily life.  They talk about life with a side of diabetes, and not diabetes as the only thing in their lives. 

Thank you Moira and Kerri!

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  1. Hi, Regina!
    Great to see you out here in the DOC! I’m glad you are participating in dblog week and blogging, in general. Welcome!!

  2. Karen says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you found Diabetes Blog Week (which in turn lead to me finding your blog!!). Great Find a Friend choices – I’m a big fan of both of those blog.

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