D-blog week day 6 (creativity wildcard): A musical parody

May 19, 2012By 2 Comments

Songs: ‘Before I Eat’ and ‘Islet Cells were Meant for Me’

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  1. Andy Dean says:

    Regina This is Amazing! Can’t wait to show Emily! (you helped us set Emily up with a pump a couple of years ago at DHMC). I will definitely be following your Blog and FB page! Question..Do you do any work with Camp Carefree? I only ask because this will be Emily’s 1st year and I’m a bit nervous about letting her go.

    • busybag says:

      Hey Andy!! Of course I remember you guys! So glad you like the video and my bog! I hope Emily is doing great! I have only been to Carefree a couple of times as a vendor, but I’ve heard great things about it! You should also have her check our camp Barton in Oxford, MA. They have day programs available. Camp will be the best thing for her!!

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