D-Blog Week Day 5: What I wish they knew about diabetes…and then some

May 18, 2012By 1 Comment

The obvious points that I tell everyone who is new to understanding diabetes:

–          Your grandmother had her feet amputated because 50 years ago they had archaic ways to check blood glucose, no meal time insulin, and they were lucky if they even had a needle to give the insulin with.

–          My feet are fine.  I don’t need water shoes.  I can wear open-toed shoes.

–          I can have healthy babies.  I can have healthy babies. I can have healthy babies who won’t necessarily be HUGE.

–          I wear glasses because I have a stigmatism, not because I have retinopathy.

–          If I’ve decided to eat a cupcake, I’ve taken insulin for it, leave me alone.

–          NO you do NOT give an insulin shot to a diabetic if they pass out.  If I’m having a seizure I need GLUCOSE, NOT INSULIN!  And if I’ve passed out from a high blood sugar, well then I’ve got a lot of other issues I’m not addressing.

–          To most of us, it’s pronounced DIABETEEEEES and NOT DIABETIS!!!! Oh Wilfred!

Things I think but don’t say to anyone…

–          When my blood sugar is low, please stop talking to me, you just sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown.  However it is okay to help me with my juicebox straw wrapper if I look like I’m struggling.

–          I’m not being a B**** because my blood sugar is high, I might just be really mad at you… but I may tell you it’s because I’m high.

–          When my blood sugar drops rapidly from 300 to 50 in a matter of an hour I feel like a mix between a hangover, the end of a marathon run, and falling 5 stories with a piano on my back.

–          I wish I had shiny and healthy hair but I think mine has taken a beating over the years from blood sugar fluctuations, so as my husband would say, it’s a big ‘bouffant’ instead.

–          The callouses on my fingers are so rough that every time I try to put on nylons I get a tear in them from my sandpaper fingertips.  This is why I usually don’t even bother.

–          My mouth is constantly dry.  Even when my blood sugars are great, it is constantly searching for water or juice.  I have to pee all the time.  This in turn makes me constantly worried about where I can find a bathroom.  This in turn ruins many moments in my life like enjoying being in the middle of a crowd at concert or savoring a moment on a long car ride up the coast, or enjoying lying on the beach… I am always looking for a bathroom.

–          My A1c is like my report card and if it’s not under 7 (which it has been for over 6 years minus a few bad months here and there), I beat the crap out of myself mentally.

–          I’m really really tired.

–          Diabetes is like a sassy friend that you wish would stop being so moody, so I have little patience for other moody people, it’s enough to deal with myself!!!

–          I am stubborn and defiant, but I will be the first to admit that I couldn’t do it all alone, and I appreciate my family and friends who put up with me and my diabetes more then I could ever express!

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  1. susan says:

    YOU are awesome!!!!!

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