Back to Basics: Flirting with my CGMS again

August 2, 2013By 1 Comment


I think I’ve made it.   The sleep deprivation has slowly faded away ( on most nights anyways… until T starts teething I guess).   I can finally start to recognize myself in the mirror ( except for all my hair falling out from post pregnancy hormones).   Most importantly, I can finally start to eat like a normal person, now that I am weaning breastfeeding, and don’t need to analyze every single thing I put in mouth and how it affects not only my diabetes but also my baby.   Ahhh, okay, time to get back to talking care of my diabetes.

I dug my sensors out of my diabetes supply cabinet and found a few that weren’t expired. Just like driving a car, I quickly set it up in the machine-gun style insertion device and popped it in my side without blinking.  I spent the next 7 days or so keeping an eye on the tiny roller coaster on the screen.   I shut all my sensor alarms off  because it would be just my luck that I would be quietly tip toeing out of T’s room and my pump would yell at me for some impending high or low.   I started to notice some patterns and I was able to make immediate adjustments after a few days.  Why I always seem to surprise myself by doing what I know in the back of my head will make all the difference, is beyond me.

It’s all part of the stages of denial, guilt, and acceptance that those of us with diabetes cycle through on a regular basis.  I know wearing my sensor gives me the golden ticket to better control.  On occasion, a CGMS system or sensor lot can be on the fritz and be more trouble than its worth.  But already, since I used to work for Medtronic for many years, I can tell there is a huge improvement in accuracy.  My CGMS will never replace my blood glucose meter…. Until the bionic pancreas becomes commercially available.

It feels good, to come out of the fog, six months post-baby, and have a beautiful, healthy little girl, who I was able to nurse for six months, and oh by the way….my A1C just came back at 7.0! Not too bad considering the raging hormones and lack of self-care.   It’s not the ‘7’ that I want it to be, as it’s an average, I know that.   But I’m taking the bull by the horns once again and putting my diabetes in the car seat with T.


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  1. Beth Shapiro says:

    It definitely feels good to get to a point where you can feel like you “recognize yourself in the mirror again”…how true your phrase is…time to start putting yourself as a top priority, along with T. I don’t think that struggle ever goes away. It’s a constant challenge, but you’re so worth it! 🙂

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