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Regina Shirley RD, LDN has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 24 years.  She has been a Registered Dietitian for ten years with over seven years of diabetes education experience in the insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin training environment.  This blog is meant to provide nutrition information, share everyday experiences of living with diabetes and add value to the already extensive online platform of the DOC (diabetes online community).  There are over 25 million people with diabetes; type 1, type 2, type somewhere-in-between, gestational, and then the millions that are pre-diabetic and not getting the right care to prevent full-blown type 2 diabetes.  There are many differences and many similarities between all types of diabetes.  One thing is for sure, supporting one another makes all the difference, and sharing our experiences helps us all to push forward everyday.

Regina’s very personal journey of pregnancy and parenting will be shared frequently throughout the blog to inform, educate and help other women relate to such a vulnerable and anxious time in the life of a mom with T1D.

Diabetes is like a monkey on your back: you have to feed it, care for it, and put up with it, even if you want to punch it in the face every single day.

Serving Up Diabetes

The word serve can mean many different things depending on the sentence or how it is being used.  This blog will serve up diabetes and nutrition information, humorous anecdotes to cheer you up, practical and personal information to make living with diabetes a bit easier and relatable, and it will also serve as a sounding board for others who share in the same daily battle with this disease.

I am available for consultation services for anyone with any type of diabetes who wants assistance with food and blood sugar management.  I can do Skype/facetime or phone consultations as well as in person if you live within a 30 mile radius of north of Boston.  Please contact me at regina@mymenumatch.com for fees and check out my specific services for individuals.