25 in 25: The first 2 weeks

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I set out with a goal to attempt to consume 25 grams of fiber per day for 25 days straight.  While I wasn’t completely successful each day, I definitely ate way more fiber then I would normally consume if I wasn’t consciously trying to count the grams.  I also made up for the lower consumption days with a few fiber filled meals!  The average American consumes only about 14g of fiber per day and it is getting harder and harder to find good sources of fiber with all the eating-on the go we Americans do!  My purpose in adding this little experiment to the already jam-packed schedule I have each day was to first and foremost show anyone who is interested that it can in fact be done, and also to see if it really did indeed have a significant effect on my blood glucose levels.

As I noted in my first post 25 in 25, fiber is very important especially for people with diabetes.  There are many health benefits to fiber intake including lowered cholesterol levels and weight management due to the full feeling fiber leaves behind, as well as a happy digestive tract.  I did a research paper many years ago in college on fiber intake and blood glucose control and believe it or not the recommendation still hasn’t changed.  It is recommended that people with diabetes consume between 25-30 grams of fiber per day to help decrease post-meal glucose spikes.  When a food or meal is consumed that is a good source of fiber (defined as 2.5-4.9g) it helps to significantly delay the absorption of the other sugars (carbohydrates) in the food item, helping the blood sugar to just coast along nicely without spiking.  Now, don’t confuse this with the role that fat plays, high fat meals combined with high carb meals cause a delay in blood sugar spikes, but it only delays it not dodges it all together like fiber.

Instead of typing out for you a day by day synopsis of each meal I ate (especially since I repeat many of the snacks in particular each day) I am instead going to list out the food items that I ate over a two-week period and the grams of fiber that they contained, in hopes to give you some new ideas on where to find fiber!  I will also list out how many total grams I ate each day to show how often I was successful in getting 25 grams.  Lastly, I am including a snapshot of my CGM download from the 2-weeks before I started this project and the first 2-weeks during the project.

Note: many of these food items were part of a total meal which  included healthy proteins not listed here.

–          ½ cup organic triple berry granola (with milk): 5g

–          Nature Valley Nut Bar, Almond: 2g

–          Turkey Sandwich on light Rye Bread: 6g

–          Kashi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie: 4g

–          Asparagus with whole grain panko bread crumbs: 3g

–          Mashed potatoes with skin: 4g

–          100 Calorie English Muffin: 8g

–          Light Muscle Milk Protein Shake: 5g (*I only drink these after I do a weight training workout! The nutrient profile in this brand is perfect for people with diabetes who work out a lot; Protein shakes for people who do not work out are pointless and will only add fat calories)

–          Low-fat vegetarian black bean soup from Panera (1 cup): 6g

–          ½ Mediterranean veggie Sandwich on whole-grain from Panera: 7g

–          Sugar-Free Carnation Instant Breakfast:4g

–          ¼ cup mixed nuts: 2g

–          Luna Bar, Chocolate Coconut: 3g (Really YUMMY!)

–          Whole-wheat Pasta with Broccolini (homemade): 11g

–          Nature Valley Bar, Cinnamon: 2g

–          Banana: 3g (*I eat a lot of bananas because I’m allergic to apples and any fruits with pits in them!)

–          Small garden salad: 3g (*I ate at least one salad everyday during this project)

–          Arnold’s Double Fiber Bread/toast (2 slices): 12g (*this is actually very tasty bread given the high amount of fiber!)

–          Mixed berry fruit salad: 4g

–          Chicken breast baked in whole grain bread crumbs: 2g

–          Black bean burrito (minus flour tortilla which kills my blood sugar): 9g

–          ½ cup brown rice: 5g

–          Banana Walnut Granola, 1 cup (with milk): 8g

–          Veggie Lasagna (homemade): 3g

–          Chopped Salad with chicken (from Cheesecake factory Skinnylicious menu): 6g

–          Carrots and green beans: 3g

–          Multi-grain bread: 3g

–          Amy’s Light and Lean Frozen meal, black bean and cheese enchilada: 4g

–          Turkey chili (homemade, with lots of Kidney beans!): 8g

–          Cedar’s frozen Spinach and Feta Pie: 4g

–          Slow cooker Pork stew with potatoes (homemade): 6g

–          Spinach salad: 6g

Day 1: 24g                            Day 8: 21g

Day 2: 31g                            Day 9: 17g

Day 3: 26g                            Day 10: 25g

Day 4: 12g                            Day 11: 31g

Day 5: 25g                            Day 12: 18g

Day 6: 17g Saturday         Day 13: 25g Saturday

Day 7: 16g Sunday            Day 14: 14g Sunday

This averages out to roughly 22g of fiber per day over a two-week period.  Not too shabby, but could be better!!

CGM Download for the 2 weeks before the project: In this graph, my highs are much more spread out and inconsistent.

CGM Download for the first 2 weeks during the project: It may be hard to see on this image, but I have very minimal highs between breakfast and lunch, which is usually a trouble area for me.  Probably because of the higher intake of fiber I am eating at dinner and at breakfast. 

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